[The] AlgoMech Festival of Algorithmic and Mechanical movement celebrates a future that is not just about using new technologies to make music, but to unmake it. It’s all about getting into the guts of how music is made, showing code running in real time, taking machines and systems apart to show their workings, and opening up technologies to alternative uses.” - Wire Magazine

Algomech is a semi-annual festival curated by FoAM’s Alex McLean in Sheffield ranging from Algorave events, symposia on braiding and dancing, pop-up performaces in public spaces and artistic workshops. The 2019 edition featured 70 artists, 175 workshop participants, a live audience of 1,000 people with an online audience of over 40,000.

The festival is supported by Sheffield Year of Making, Arts Council England, and the British Science Association and has been featured by The Guardian, Wire Magazine and ResidentAdvisor.

β€œMy main concern was that, having zero knowledge of coding, everything might go right over my head, but the programming language was relatively straightforward and came with instructions, and soon enough I was making my own music.” - Iman Amrani, writing in The Guardian




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