Carnivore Mapper

*The studio that led this project is now called Then Try This - you may find more up to date information on the Carnivore Mapper on their new website*

We have begun development of a free, open source tool for recording incidents of livestock being attacked in Kenya, in collaboration with Prof. Dave Hodgson and Enoch Mobisa at the university of Exeter. Compensation is awarded by Kenyan authorities when livestock are attacked by big cats, in an attempt to reduce poaching of lions. However in reality it is difficult to prove a lion attack so compensation is rarely successfully obtained. This system allows reports of livestock lost to lions to be submitted by anyone, and then verified - first by village heads/elders, and second by the team working on this project. After two verifications the incidents appear on the openly available map, adding weight to peopleโ€™s compensation claims. to be made available in Swahili and English.