Feral Business Coaching

Feral business coaching merges materials and understandings from life coaching, business strategy, feminist economics, dramaturgy, divination, DIY, art and design. It offers a focused and supportive space in which to think together creatively and experimentally about our own 'business' trajectories and livelihoods, including potentially sublimated elements such as administration, planning and accounting. It works with the proposition that to effect transformations in our wider business and economic systems we must also rethink our own means, modes and moods of production. The term 'feral' describes an approach that is wilfully wild, as in pigeon, as opposed to romantically or nature-wild, like the wolf.

The practice of feral business coaching was initiated by artist and feral economist Kate Rich, as part of her entwined research directions with the Institute for Experiments with Business (Ibex), the Community Economies Institute and the Feral MBA (fMBA). The first training course took place in Nomi and Bolzano in the Italian Alps (June 2019), hosted by the community academy project of La Foresta. This initial gathering has now formed the Feral Livelihood Coaching Collective, trained up as essential health workers for our own community economies.