Institute for Augmented Ecology

The Institute for Augmented Ecology (IforAE) is a temporary office within FoAM that investigates some issues that have been simmering within groWorld. Its an exploration of the field of AE as it is and as it could be. For now it looks to be a one-year research period starting January 2011 and focused on how technology is interconnecting to the biosphere.

This research looks at…

  • temporarily expanding the focus on HPI and move beyond flora
  • identifying or sketching new perspectives, roles, opportunities and risks of AE and trans-species networks
  • working within a broad perspective which is transdisciplinary, transmedial and multisensory
  • bringing this discussion to a specialist and general audience and make unholy alliances
  • how media and trans-species networks can help people become active stakeholders in the quality of their local ecosytem. These aims will be refined further along the way.