Germination X: player progression and surprises

Posted Nov. 17, 2011 by Dave Griffiths

Slowly Germination X gets less like a prototype and more like a full game, lots of new stuff this week - as this is the first online release of the work done over the past month. Players can now pass items of fruit to each other or spirits as gifts (by dragging fruit over messages and dropping them). There is some limited player development with some small surprises to prolong the gameplay a bit (spot the new plants). There is now a new mechanism to introduce players to the game and get feedback from them and also navigation to quickly locate plants - click on a message to teleport to the plant it concerns. Still lots of rough edges, hopefully I will be able to smooth some of them out next week at the Mobile Life Centre in Stockholm. We have also now moved the game to it's own dedicated server, and completed the transition to mongodb