Machine Wilderness at V&A museum

Posted Sept. 28, 2016 by Theun Karelse

In a yearly festival called the Digital Design Weekend, the Victoria and Albert museum opens its doors to the public for a hands-on experience of emerging technologies and design. Machine Wilderness set up in the museum garden to show prototypes from our program to human and non-human visitors.

We were joined by Ian Ingram from L.A. who participated in the Ars Bioarctica expedition in Machine Wilderness and by Matthew Creasey a behavioral ecologist who participated in the Cornwall session. Contributions included works by Spela Petric, Antti Tenetz, and a prototype from Cornwall was shown made by the group led by Ivan Henriques including Justin Marshall and Jo McCallum.

The museum reached full capacity, so we probably beat last year’s record of 14.000 visitors. We were met with great enthusiasm, interesting questions, and the occasional song. Telling your story several hundred times a day takes a lot of energy. But we handled it pretty well.

Thanks to Irini Papadimitriou and the V&A staff for two inspiring days!