Video excerpts from "In Anticipation..."

Posted Jan. 24, 2018 by Maja Kuzmanović

FoAM Earth published a few video excerpts from the audiovisual performance "In anticipation of things already present". They are available on FoAM's Vimeo channel. These videos accompanied our keynote presented at the Anticipation 2017 conference in London. The words, sounds and visuals formed three parallel tracks, flowing in and out of sync. We selected seven excerpts that can be watched as standalone videos. While they have a backstory, they are not "about" anything in particular. Instead, they are meant as suggestive, associative and atmospheric meditations on attunement to a multiplicity of pasts, presents and futures.


(works by) several FoAMies and many of our kinfolk, including Tina Auer, Tim Boykett, Time's Up, Changist, Justin Pickard, Martin Howse, Stevie Wishart, Adam Nocek, Alex Davies, Strange Halos, Stuart Candy, Paola Orlic, Sarah Neville, Lisa Ma and Barbara Raes.

Mementos from memorable events such as Lucid Peninsula, Smoke & Vapour, Future Fictions, Borrowed Scenery, Tasting Tomorrow, Practical Utopias, Biochymical Arts, Futurish Booksprint or The Futures of Doing Nothing.

Photographic impressions of Dust & Shadow, Spectres in Change, Stillness and the Macrotransiency of FoAM bxl

A few video stills...

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Dynamic space of operation from foam on Vimeo.

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Skirting the adjacent possible from foam on Vimeo.

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An invocation from foam on Vimeo.

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Experiential time from foam on Vimeo.

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A hex for transforming transformation from foam on Vimeo.