Opening Future Fictions

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Opening of the Future Fictions exhibition at Z33, including FoAM's Food Futures menu and the launch of the Futures Lab, where we will be developing our Futurist Fieldguide.

In Future Fictions. Perspectives on worldbuilding, Z33 explores how contemporary artists, designers and architects relate to future thinking and imaging: from map- ping, questioning and criticizing, to developing complex visions about the structures and systems that may shape our life in the future.

With these visions/fictions, Z33 wishes to shift the debate away from what is possible, plausible and probable towards what is preferable: Future Fictions there- fore is essentially a project about ideas and ideals, about dreams beyond hope and fear. Can we learn to critically assess the future visions presented? Which criteria would be valid in doing so? In other words, can we learn to become ‘future literate’? [EN] [NL]

More about the exhibition: [EN/NL]


Z33, Zuivelmarkt 33, 3500 Hasselt, Belgium
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