Futures Lab Events Programme

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FoAM @ Future Fictions: Futures Lab. A laboratory for experimental world construction (in collaboration with Z33)

See also: http://fo.am/future-fictions

Futures Lab is a research archive, workshop and reading room for exploring possible futures.The Lab hosts a programme of futures-related interventions, workshops and conversations:

  • 8-9th October, 10-17h: Futures of Doing Nothing by FoAM.
  • 9th October, 17-19h: FoAM Apero with participants of the Futures of Doing Nothing workshop
  • 3rd November: Futures Games workshop by FoAM (MAD student workshop)
  • Week of the 3rd of November: 8 Billion City: Evaculation workshop with Arne Hendriks (invite only)
  • 19-20th November: Workshop by Extrapolation Factory
  • 20th November, 17-19h: FoAM Apero with participants of the Extrapolation Factory workshop
  • 28th November: Speedtrip Brussels with Pieterjan Ginkels
  • 4-5th December: Agoras workshop by Panopticon
  • 8-12th December: Workshop with UHasselt (Oswald Devisch and Sarah Mertens) and FoAM at Godsheide
  • 12th December: FoAM Apero with participants of the Godsheide workshop
  • 4th January: FoAM's Afternoon tea concluding the Futures Lab and Doing Nothing pre-enactment

All FoAM Aperos are open public events.

Most workshops have a limited number of participants, so registration is required. For participation inquiries please email info@z33.be.


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