Kunst in de Keuken 2019

This event has passed

This years Kunst in de Keuken (Art in the Kitchen) trajectory will take place in Sint Albert school Brussels. Next to usual food related artistic explorations and experiments pupils of the 4th grade will concentrate on the topic of Superheroes of our times.


Art in the Kitchen is an Art-in-School programme, where professional artists work around the topic of cooking, kitchen and food in connection to art and science. The habits of eating, the culture of food, the similarities and differences depending on cultural backgrounds are in the centre of attention.

The aim of the workshops is to raise awareness about food culture, taste the unexpected, look beyond the understandable and play with what you can find in the kitchen, fridge or vegetable lot of your garden. Combining various artistic practices it’s an involving way to explore creative possibilities, challenge your self and create eye satisfying works. Using food as an inspiration these workshops are a great way to discover new experiences.

At the moment Art in the Kitchen trajectory counts more than ten editions and it is led by FoAM Brussels artist Rasa Alksnyte.

Supported by Mus-e Belgium


Sint Albert School, Rue Haeck 61, 1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean
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