Macrotransiency FoAM bxl

The core team of FoAM bxl and the organisation as a whole are FoAM's transients in 2016. The preparation for the transiency began in 2015 by looking back, with the thought of celebrating, harvesting and reflecting on our work over the last 15 years. By deciding what is worth pursuing further, we can also respectfully lay to rest — or gleefully abandon — old material.

With the new moon in february 2016, we began our macrotransiency in earnest, with the move into the liminal phase, characterised by openness and emergence. our predefined commitments have been reduced to a minimum, providing sufficient stability, but also enough space to pursue things that “there isn’t time for”, to explore the unknown and embrace the unexpected.

Read more about the background of FoAM's macrotransiencies on medium (in english) and in rekto:verso (in dutch).