Macrotransiencies are long-form residencies for those who are undergoing some kind of transition in their work or life. FoAM supports these transients (individuals, groups or organisations) by carving out a place and time for them to consciously inhabit the liminality of their transition. The transients are guided by FoAM’s coaches and mentors and immersed in our support network for up to a year, without the constraints of performance or production.

We support transients to consciously engage with their transition for anywhere between six months to two years. Similar to a rite of passage, a transiency includes periods of separation, liminality, and incorporation. A transition begins with acknowledging what conditions have led to the present and creating necessary distance from the past. The most challenging and confusing part is often the liminal period, in between two states: transition and transformation. This is where spending time in an arts laboratory reaps its benefits. Our experience with experimentation and emergence, which characterises both transitions and creative processes, enables us to offer methods and situations to explore the unknown. Finally, during the stage of incorporation, we help transients to re-enter the world, re-energised and more confident in their new abilities and identities.

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This programme has concluded in 2016.