Residency Angelo Vermeulen

During his research residency in 2008 and 2009, Angelo worked on two projects: Translucent Futures and Corrupted C#n#m#. The latter is developed into a movie in 2011. Angelo Vermeulen is a visual artist working with photography, video, new media and installations. His bio installations, experimental setups incorporating living cells, organisms and sci-fi references are his most well-known works. He obtained a PhD in biology in 1998 at the University of Leuven (Belgium), together with a degree in photography at the Academy of Fine Arts of Leuven. After his studies, he moved to London to collaborate with Nick Waplington. Back in Belgium he became an artist in residence at HISK in Antwerp.

Translucent Futures

Translucent Futures is an artistic/activist platform initiated by Angelo Vermeulen that deals with the increasing abrasion of civil liberties through ubiquitous, networked, miniaturized technology. Far-reaching use of techniques such as data mining, audiovisual surveillance, automated behavioural analysis, see-through body scanning, DNA profiling etc. is being legislated at a disturbing rate.

Corrupted C#n#m#

Corrupted C#n#m# is an experimental cinema project that explores the physicality of digital media, and draws upon the phenomena of data corruption and data forensics. It's an artistic inquiry into the notion of the material 'body’ in both the digital and the biological realm.