Residency Kiran Ganghadaran

Kiran was in AEGIS residency between January and February 2011 with his ongoing research, Project Decode. The research looks at the existence of geometrical structures in living and non-living beings, and potentially seeks to find and explore a new generation of interactive systems within science, art and architecture that could form new relationships or interconnections between nature and human beings.

The research on plants started with phyllotaxis, understanding the Fibonacci series, and the geometrical arrangement of leaves and petals. An appreciation of the geometry and patterning of plants lead Kiran to explore various spiral relationships, in which the mathematical relations of the spirograph where studied and algorithms to generate various spirographs in software where examined.

β€œGrowth is appreciated/respected but not seen. Decay is disrespected but not seen. In relation with growth of plants there is an unseen mystery of movement. The movement is performance in itself. Comparing the complex situations from static/dynamic, organic/inorganic, form/function, observer/observed, self/other and reflecting in a space, which would allow a new aesthetic to movements and also transform the space in itself. Movement never lies – it is a barometer telling the state of soul weather to all who can read it.”
– Martha Graham

Kiran gave an intermediary report on Friday, 28 January 2011. Vinay took some footage which can be viewed here:



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