Kunst in de keuken

Posted Feb. 21, 2012 by Christina Stadlbauer

After a short introduction about FoAM's approach and practice, Christina presented several photos of mushrooms, mycelium, forests and related artworks. The group then tasted a variety of different mushrooms such as Shiitake, green-pea mushrooms, champignons, and boletus. One girl even took extra samples and secretly wrapped them up to take home. Some interesting questions emerged, such as: if mushrooms are made of 90% water, what gives them their specific smell?

After a short break, we split the kids into two groups. One group attempted a simple laboratory action, like mushroom cloning; the other mixed existing mycelium with straw and incubated some new patches of growth. Both activities were a big success. After returning to their own classrooms, the children installed a camera set up to take time-lapse photos of daily mushroomgrowth. And so, charged with this positive energy, we went on with our own activities.