Down the Wormhole

Posted Feb. 21, 2023 by Su Sun

In sevens there are a lot of threes but no nines.

Luck has no dominion.

This is a scenario… the next steps are sequential and should be followed as such.

Mixing the drink

Fish the worm from the bottle of Mezcal, take it out with a long fork or pour the whole lot in a bowl and get the worm out, it doesn’t matter, but don’t stress, don’t hurry, the worm is your close friend here.

Return Mescal to the bottle if necessary and store the Worm on a slab of marble real cold.

Get tweezers and a scalpel ready.

You slice it, the Worm, a piece not larger than 3 mm thick. You could be Scully when slicing, you could be…. But you are careful, you are being watched, the gods are looking down upon you and they know you are going to interfere… slice it careful and let the smell get past your nostrils…. Find the smoke, the agave and let them mix with your thoughts.

Take the mixing glass, cold but not damp or wet, there should be no interference of any kind to the glass.

Drop in a handful of ice cubes, again, make them clean preferably made of purified water.

Swivel and let them cool the mixing glass, throw away and replay the same this time keep the ice-cubes and drop in the worm. This is the moment you need to understand which will charge your time …. This is where you get matter out of nothing, this is wizardry.

When mixing animals with alcohol you know you are touching on a fine line between sorcery and the powers of the universe,

Swirl the ice-cubes so they all get a bit of the taste of the worm…

Now add the Gin.

Gin, dry as the Death Valley in high summer. You don't want flavour, no you don't.

Swivel, not too long, just enough to cool down the Gin, it has to be real cold but not wet from the ice.

Take a Gibson glass and strain the Gin, no ice should be in the glass just Gin, if the worm - the slice - comes, halt it.

Your glass should have nothing but Gin, the Gin should not be bulging but it will have a temper, like wanting to jump out of a corset…

Dust a line of cacao powder on the surface of the Gin, a line like you can imagine a line should be. Cut the powder real fine, drop it on the skin of the Gin like you would imagine an astronaut opens the gate to space, easy does it..

Start the music.

Get dressed.

Make sure you will not be disturbed, this a-social event, a non-event when it comes to the world, this is you, no one else.

Make the dressing reasonably uncomfortably glamourous, if there are heels, they are outrageously high, if there is a need for underwear it should be tight, well, it is imperative it reminds you of the fact you decided to do this on your own.

Now get going.

You can start this thing simple, really, or not, you can boot your physical memory so as to release the temp dump, the ghosts, the swap…

Have a sip.

You better have your thinking lined up, beautiful and tall, akimbo over now or never, light after the moon.

Sit down on your kitchen table, if possible, dangle your legs, like a boy in a Nouvelle Vague movie just before he will be picked up by Sophia Loren to go to the beach, and think. Boot.

Try to think with your belly, let your thoughts get sap down there, let them be macerated by the movement of your inner machinations, move your thoughts through your intestines, move them with caution but direction. Get that smoky agave in the middle.

If necessary, find that sense of claustrophobia once your thoughts pass the stomach, let them get enzymed!! Think in transformation, think in synthesis, may the force of amino be with you. Those thoughts need to mature, but rather like a Kimchi, with hot fragrances and bio decay, let them live, but live with fire.

Have you got your thoughts flowing?

Have another sip.

Now, relish the idea of getting prepared for a gala, but it is an all on your own feast, a gala in your own private space. For this to go the way, you need to dress up your thoughts too, in long sequenced dresses and boa feathers (you can do that, just try) let them come at you, cigarette in a long holder pointing at you, they will and shall be the star of this evening.

Think your thoughts to the level of drama you could not imagine possible! Think that thought till you understood that a simple thought dressed up in a deep open-back black dress and a pearl necklace is a different thought, it is a revelation, it is a thousand-volt jolt to the matters upstairs.

Have another sip, maybe more copious.

You have achieved your induction; you are set to gain the next level.

There should be no need to look for things, you should be as easy and cool in your mind as Tipi in her convertible driving down to Bodega Bay.

Have another sip, allow that cocoa to mix with the smoke and the agave, enable multi-layered spatial and imaginary sensors, have another sip. You are now an extra dimensional being.

Stand straight, feel your body, all the parts, look around, pick up your drink, you have gotten to the end of the ritual.

Have another sip, you are not eager, no, you are on top of this moment. You don’t need assistance; you will get there all on your own and in glamourous fashion.

And now stride, sway, sashay, one two three, one two three...

Play it again.

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