starter organism


1x starter organism:

pro_teus || abstract expression [tailed amphibian]


The male has a slender body.

Many colours have been developed.

Breeding is normally in winter.

.bio reaction x __ induce spawning

[in the lab some were given hormone injections and developed to the final stage]

cause | :

• [time+light] x Chlorine Neutralizer

• [oscillating environmental_physiological_psychological fields] x

• [tourist x __]

• liquid f0am : PH 6.8 to 7.4 and soft to medium Hardness

event: 7x [random] storm {external / internal}

structure=emergent --> infoFlow + orgStretch

matter --> disappear = organic x mechanical component x __

You need 10 square cm surface area for each baby.

link_process: growth + decay

absolute + centralized control = impossibility

They are sold in Mexico City for eating.


Full text

What I whisper to you now, you whisper to the person next to you.

The last person in the room should say the sentence out loud.


A friend of mine has cheated on her husband.

She fell in love with a guy, and spent many evenings entangled with him.

The male has a slender body.

She kept telling her husband that she had to work late.

She was working on a very important project for her career.

Calculating an abstract expression of a hybrid gene.

She is developing a mongrel between a slug and a proteus.

In many colours.

That night, she was giving the mongrels hormone injections.

Her husband called to the lab, but she wasn't there.

He called her on her mobile.

She said that the lab ran out of Chlorine Neutralizer, so she had to work on a different site with one of the project-partners.

They were a big multinational dealing with cloning slugs for a large supermarket chain.

The supermarket specialised in ready Fusion Cuisine meals.

This month, they were focusing on a French-Chinese cross-over - Dim-Sum Escargots in white wine sauce.

She was invited to speak on their conference in Beijing and she might have to leave tomorrow.

She will be gone for sure for 10 days.

Unfortunately, the partners have told her that the plane will leave from a military airport, so he can not wave her farewell.

A McDonalds Van with a slug on the roof, instead of a hamburger will collect her from a yet unknown street corner, and take her there.

Several months had passed.

My friend was kidnapped by terrorists and will be used as a human shield in a hunt for the last natural baby dragon, also called as proteus.

Or so said a foreign man who picked up my friend's cell phone. Her husband thought he was an impostor.


What happens to life in our embodied actual, when the object of our investigation becomes a virtual replicator?


stop whispering + begin talking

What happens when a glitch in one person's reality starts weaving a fabric of inconsistencies that begin replication and tearing the interconnected reality apart?

What happens to life?

The virtuality that originated in a glitch (a lie in our case) starts unfolding on its own.

In our story, as long as the fabricated world of lies allows the partners to maintain their conceptual balance, life continues.

As soon as the inconsistencies become apparent, the fragile fabric of auto-replicating inconsistencies rips beyond repair, and the relationship collapses.