Sphaerae, Total Recall, Future Fabulators, Improving Reality

Posted Sept. 4, 2013 by Nik Gaffney

The first week of September seems to be filled with grandiose titles at FoAM. We invite you to join us for Improving Reality in Brighton, Total Recall in Linz and/or follow our activities of Future Fabulators, a new collaborative project exploring the interstices between future studies and narrative.

////// Ars Electronica: Total Recall

Cocky Eek's Sphaerae, an inflatable multi-dome pavilion, will become the home for a series of multi-sensory programmes about synthetic biology, presented by ArtScience Interfaculty and Synergetica Lab at this year's Ars Electronica festival in Linz.

////// Improving Reality 2013

Honor Harger and her colleagues at the Lighthouse in Brighton invited FoAM to talk about our tactics in growing worlds and prehearsing futures, in an attempt to answer the question how are artists, technologists and writers subverting our notion of reality?

////// Future Fabulators

Last but not least, we're happy to announce the start of Future Fabulators, a collaboration between Time's Up, FoAM, M-ITI and AltArt. For two years we will explore the peculiar worlds of possible futures and visionary adaptation through speculative design, pre-enactments, physical and alternate reality narratives (PARNs) along with other forms of embodied forecasting. You can follow our activities online, or join us at one of the events, seminars and workshops that we're in the process of designing.