Anarchive Soundscapes


A series of soundtracks to accompany FoAM's Anarchive, mixed by Lowdjo. 

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anarchive - crystal mix

Seed Crystal. A border crossing, genre-bending, multilingual polyphony of voices ricocheting around the globe. A musical companion for the uncertainties of our times. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Encouraging us to traverse the grey areas and interstitial spaces of the Near Now, with courage and compassion. Enfolding the raw energy of hope with the dark vibes of the season. It's an invocation, a seed crystal. Like the sunstone of old, it gives strength and helps navigate through ambiguity, refracting the tiniest hints of light into a myriad of shimmering potentials. It calls on us to become the calm amid the storm, as we break through siloes and walk through walls. 


Gathered & Scattered, the Anarchive's Yuletide soundtrack. Concocted between the surreal swamp of Brussels and the misty forests of Istria, a musical smorgasbord to complement seasonal feasts. Eating at the table or dancing on the table, expect to move and be moved. Serve as an appetizer or a pick-me-up, whether gathered in the same room, scattered across continents, or gathered and scattered online. No matter the circumstances, hospitality is a critical survival skill. As we spiral through the ending of some worlds and towards (re)generation of others, keep your doors ajar and stockpile enough to share.  Santé & Nazdravlje!


Voids within Voids. A festive soundtrack for times of transition. In the liminal space between the years, we linger on the edge and gaze into the void. Press play at midnight. Notice how time warps around you. The sound hovers in holding patterns. The dead ends and wrong turns of the previous cycle fade away. Betwixt and between eerie beats you can begin to feel how things might have been – and could yet be. Imagined otherwise. Suspended, as in a trance, we glide into another cycle. Planting seeds, finding new ways, augmenting old ways, engaging with the everyday, as we render reality pliable, for a while. Absorbed in sound, electrified by rhythm, we dance across the invisible threshold, another loop around the sun...


A sonic Räucherwerk closing circles and scrying paths through the nascent year. Futures written in wisps of smoke. On the last of the twelve Raunächte, this is a soundtrack to banish demons and summon daemons. Quadrantid meteorite dust trailing off Befana's broom. Anger distilled into crystal clear discernment. New Year's resolutions shattering into scores of micro revolutions. Shards of grace for graceless times.


Viridian & Virescent, an ode to viriditas, the greening energy of all life.

"In it, greenness is in equal measure metaphysical and physical, a possibility and an actuality, hidden and revealed, irradiating and absorbing intense light and sound waves, open not just to seeing and hearing but also to touching, smelling, tasting, to say nothing of the activity of greening that sees us, hears us, smells, tastes, and touches us. [...] Human or not, life is a green mass, and that which enlivens it is a symphony in green."
—Michael Marder

Stop, for a moment or an eternity, your feet planted firmly on the Earth. Feel the sap of vegetal resonance pulsing through the soil, through your veins, and listen...

wabisabi mix

In the Gloaming, amidst liquid shadows, the liminal shimmers. A post-solstice, mid-year sonic meditation on things transient and unnoticed. As sunlight pivots, listen to time condensing into a dew of infinite moments. Let the accretion of crepuscular transitions soothe your senses. Things emerging from and fading into nothingness. Liminal, spectral, ephemeral. Caught up in seasons of construction and destruction. Shrivelling and shimmering. In the quiet, underneath the silences, hints of worlds becoming otherwise. Overlooked and over-looking, shrouded in impermanence. Letting things unfold. Bringing things to an end...