Ars Vitae Volume 08


Why, then, is it so difficult to remain in that state of calm and relaxed focus whether in work or in life? Why do we rush through life mindlessly, only to regret it? Do we have a tendency to fill up our plates with too many things? How can we take the time we need with the work and people we love without feeling chased? Is it a question of finding the right balance or do we simply need more rest? And if so, is it physical rest we need or is there something more to it? 

So began the journey of understanding “rest”, or more accurately, that which enables us to have a sense of well-being, the feeling of being centered and in a “flow” relationship with life, rather than being dominated by it. The production process of Volume 8 itself became a part of the experiment on rest. I wanted to take sufficient time to put the issue together, time enough for Volume 8 to emerge organically, rather than in a rush to meet the deadline.