Certainty Ltd.

Certainty Ltd. is a clinic, consultancy and civic outpost for individuals and collectives dealing with problems caused by chronic uncertainty. We offer support for personal and organisational transitions, including critical uncertainty diagnostics, strategic unplanning, VUCA therapy, scenario development, future prehearsals, ambient foresight, and bespoke situational awareness.

These services can be particularly useful in uncertain conditions that call for acting with incomplete information, dealing with wicked problems, increasing agency, forging alliances, and fostering capacity to adapt to whatever the future might bring.

There are many transdisciplinary approaches that we draw upon. Some foster the development of particular aptitudes, mindsets and capacities to explore uncertainty. Others focus on developing adaptive strategies and improvisational tactics to navigate ambiguity in work and life. We often include "hands-on" techniques, and creative exercises that can be combined in different ways depending on context, resources and people involved.

Our sessions range from highly structured to freeform, they can draw upon personal experience or be broad and data-driven. We typically begin with observing, sensing and mapping the situation, to clarify the underlying wants and needs, to describe the context, distinguish constants from variables and understand factors influencing the situation. Grounded in this understanding, we track what changes are emerging "on the horizon" and what impacts these changes might have on your situation. We help you extrapolate and envision multiple paths to describe how the situation might unfold, through, for example, scenario building, worldbuilding, prehearsals, or stochastic tinkering. To engage different modalities of learning and sensemaking, we encourage you to test, embody and enact possible futures in immersive situations, such as pre-enactments, physical narratives or speculative prototypes. Depending on your needs, the insights can be translated into concrete steps or experiments in the present, specifications or principles can be articulated to inform current situation. As every situation is different, our processes are custom-crafted, for individuals and for groups.

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